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Electrified Hardware

As a consumer, you notice each and every year the new and innovated technological advancements that are occurring in almost every industry. From cars to TV's, today's manufacturers are continuously raising the bar when it comes to the "newest" and "latest" technologies. One industry in particular is going unnoticed by mainstream media and advertising, but is quietly and successfully following suit when it comes to new technology. The commercial door hardware industry continues to evolve, creating unparalleled products. No commercial door hardware products better represent this thirst for technology than electrified hardware.

What's Electrified Door Hardware?

Electrified door hardware represents a safe and efficient way to secure, lock, or hang your door. Driven and controlled by low to high voltage power supplies, electrified hardware can truly "energize" a building. Not subjected to the wear and tear of non-electrified hardware, EDH provides a resourceful means to accessing or exiting a room or building. Its truly is the "backbone" of all access control and is the element that actually locks and unlocks the door. No matter the quality of your head end door controller or software, without dependable, durable electrified hardware the remote locking or unlocking of a door would be ineffective and unsatisfactory. Some examples of electrified door hardware include the electrified cylindrical lock which allows remote keyless access and egress control. An electrified exit device is an electrified door hardware product -equipped with electric latch retraction or ELR. Electrified hinges and door loops are other common electrified door hardware products. As you can see electrified door hardware is quite expansive and may seem intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the terms or applications. Let the electrified door hardware glossary below assist you in absorbing several EDH terms.

Electrified Door Hardware Glossary of Terms

ELR (Electrified Latch Retraction) - remote unlocking ability on exit devices. Allows for remote keyless access control in high traffic areas such as hospitals, airports, schools or churches.

Electric Hinges – hinges which pass low voltage power from hinge jamb to the lockset. Commonly used with electric locks, electric exit trims and ELR exit devices. Conceal Door Loops – transfers low voltage power from door frame to locking device. Applications include use with continuous hinges or storefront conditions where offset hinges/pivots are used.

Electrified Device Trim - control station enabled device allowing remote locking and unlocking of the outside trim of an exit device.

Electrified Cylindrical Locks – lockset allowing keyless access and egress control where security and safety is critical. Applications include computer rooms, meeting rooms, class rooms.

Concealed Door Loop - is a low cost method of transferring low voltage power from the door frame to the locking device. Where as typical door loops are surface mounted and remain constantly visible, the CDL slides into the door and/or frame completely concealing itself when the door is closed.

Due to the sophistication and complexity of electrified door hardware, gathering information from a quality electrified door hardware manufacturer is an ideal way to learn and feel comfortable utilizing these innovative products. No manufacturer better educates and assists its customers than Design Hardware. Design Hardware can guide you through its expansive electrified hardware line giving you access to a high quality and service. Nothing supports this statement more than our ever expanding line of Design Electric commercial electrified door hardware. Concealed door loops, electrified hinges, exit devices, trim and cylindrical locks are all a part of our electrified line, blending both sophistication and efficiency … AND, expanding every day. To learn more about electrified hardware and receive the best in quality, selection, and service visit Design Hardware's electrified hardware page.